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Monday, 31 July 2006
     Dear Family and Friends,
We have officially been married for four years!  It has been wonderful.  We are still living in our beautiful apartment in Santa Clara, California.  We both still love our jobs.  Eric's company is expanding, and Chrissie has more responsibilities at Flower Divas.  And, Chrissie has a second job.  Creative Memories!  That's a scrapbooking company, for those who have not yet been introduced to the joy of scrapbooking =) Chrissie also joined a new church.  And, in other general news, Eric's hair is growing.  In September, we experimented with the beard, as you may recall from our polls.  Now, the hair on his head is growing!  It's really curly.  Chrissie loves it like this.  It kind of freaks Eric out that his hair can touch his chin.  (which is also funny to Chrissie) 
In the past year we spent some time on the road, traveling to Boston (to see Austin), Charleston (for Chrissie's second Girl's Weekend), D.C. (to see Brent and Abbey), L.A. ( for Doris's wedding), and Tulsa (of course). During Chrissie's first visit to Tulsa she met Raegan for the first time. The second visit happened durning Christmas wen Barrett was born. The third trip out there was when Chrissie made up "Hide the Dinosaur". Durning her June Tulsa visit Chrissie got to see Allison, KaLynn, Alek, Raegan, Casey, and Barrett, plus some adults too.  We were also fortunate enough to entertain.  Gavin, Jennie, Brian, Rosario, and Jess all came to see us. 
When not flitting about the country, we've kept happily busy in California.  We've read lots of books, seen movies, read comics, listened to music, and played MANY games, and we have lots of new recommendations for you if you click on the links.  In games we particularly liked Ticket to Ride, Return of Heroes, and Password, so we reviewed each of those games. Another new thing to check out on our website is the new recipe section!  Chrissie is posting all her favorite recipes.  Well, she's posted a few great ones at any rate.  We still enjoy playing DnD.  The adventure Eric is creating is getting more and more interesting.  Eric plays online games also, including fantasy football.  We play a lot of sports too, especially Eric.  This past week he played tennis, softball, ultimate frisbee, frisbee golf, and basketball.  And that's not too unusual =)  Chrissie's quilting class is basically done, and her students did beautifully!  Now she's moved on to scrapbooking workshops every Thursday.  She has also taken up the hobby of making plushies.
In family news, this was a very exciting year!  We have a new niece and a new nephew!  Raegan is almost a year old, and Barrett was born at Christmas.  They are so sweet =)  If you want to see pictures and read all the details, follow the links again.  We won't babble anymore here.  Tina, Eric's sister, moved to Colorado to start law school. 
Some favorite moments from the last year include celebrating Chrissie's birthday by making Christmas ornaments, and then going crazy decorating our apartment for Christmas. She loves how it turned out!  Very festive! We also enjoyed making jam for Christmas presents.  We made apricot, kiwi, and apple butter.   Chrissie really enjoyed making Thanksgiving dinner with Patricia.  We attended a lot of fun and different parties.  Check them out =)  Eric had another Epic Duels tournament.  Ken, playing Obi-Wan KENobi, won the tournament!  Chrissie and Eric won the online two on two Epic Duels tournament.  It was a clean sweep, we won every game.  Chrissie proved that Count Dooku was definitely undervalued =)  Next year, Chewie will win! 
We hope you enjoy all the new stories and pictures we put up on the website!  We love you and hope your year has been as great as ours!
Love, Chrissie and Eric
P.S...  The gathering is in two weeks!  Check back to see how it turns out!
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