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Sunday, 05 July 2020
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Saturday, 02 May 2009
I started to do this update last week as I usually would, and I discovered my external hard drive quit working! All my pictures and all the scans of my scrapbooks were on it, so needless to say I was too disheartened to actually update the website! Fortunately most of the photos are backed up, so we probably only lost two weeks worth. And I haven't completely given up hope that we can retrieve them eventually. But for now you'll have to imagine all the pics I took to go along with this journaling!
4/25 We went to Andys wedding a week ago. It was so awesome to get to see all our OU friends again so soon. And he was so happy! It was great to see. Serenity stayed with her Aunt Jennifer, Barrett and Casey. Evidently they had a blast! She only napped for 30 minutes in the car, but she was happy and excited the whole time! She ate popcorn chicken, French fries, all her sweet potatoes and fruit that Id packed, and puffs!! So she got along for five hours with no milk with no problem! She thinks the boys are the coolest things ever. She can even kind of say Casey! She would walk right to him and hed tickle her, and she has the cutest smile and giggle!

Shes been mimicking sounds a lot lately! Shes been saying quack more and more clearly every time we play with her duckies or read about ducks in books. And then on a walk I was pointing out cars and trucks, and she clearly repeated truck! And she tried to say car too, but truck was more impressive =) And then she can kind of say kick, and now Casey! She likes the k sound =)

She is walking so steadily! Today she walked from Jens playroom, to her living room, and back to the playroom to follow Little Casey. Amazing!! I then followed her all over Dads house. Now I dont have to worry as much about her falling down as her getting into stuff. =) Thats an issue here as there is fascinating stuff everywhere that she should not play with. There are also some fun treasures like the place Dad stores his extra water bottles and sodas in the kitchen. Its a great place to play!

Shes stopped sleeping through the night since we moved. I think the upheaval from the move disturbed her, plus were in the room with her so she sees us and obviously wants to get out of her bed. Eventually shell get back to it. It could also now be teeth as the seventh tooth appears to be coming in. Its her third top tooth! Weve had lots of fun with Barrett and Casey, going to the park and soccer games. Last week we also had a party for Moms birthday! Her new kitchen is amazing, Kelly is a genius! The kids had a great time racing trikes around the deck and playing together. Eric got the kids to climb all over him. =) We had great Mexican food, of course. Barrett turned on Scooby Doo, which is his current obsession that he apparently passed on to Raegan. Its fun to get to watch cartoons I loved as a child with them. Yay for vintage cartoons =)
4/30/09 I got a job at a flower shop this week, part time. We figured at least one of us should be employed. Its a nice job, but I miss my baby! Fortunately, they let me come home for an hour at lunch to nurse her and play a little bit. And, its so sweet the way she hugs me so tight and gets so excited to see me after Ive been gone for a few hours. She kicks her little legs and squirms in Daddys arms until she can grab ahold of me. Eric is also loving his chance to be stay at home Dad. She has started rolling the ball with him. And hes taking the opportunity to try and teach her to fall asleep without patting. No success yet, but he is hopeful =) Here are some pics from today and yesterday =) I'm already making up for the lost pics!!! We went to LaFortune Park, which has some awesome playground equipment! The last picture is of Serenity picking dandelions. She loves to do this (and my dad's yard is just full of them) She always tries to stick them in her mouth, but she's getting sneakier. Sometimes she walks around with them in her hand, and tries to wait until I'm distracted so I can't block her from getting them in her mouth! She's successfully gotten a few in with this tactic!
We got to babysit Carson and Raegan yesterday! They were great! Raegan loves Serenity, she likes to touch her face and say "she likes me!"
And finally, here's a picture that I know Jack will love! Serenity is already losing interest in the mashed up babyfood, but she loves to feed herself! We attempted mac and cheese. Messy, but delicious was the verdict. I also gave her spaghetti, which she loves. She comes by this all honestly =)
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