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Monday, 10 December 2007

In October we went to Norman so we could go to Gavin's Bachelor Party, and so I could go to Jennie's Bachelorette party.  The bachelorette party was a blast!  We had fondue and went to Summer's apartment for some great games!  And some veeerrry interesting games involving Johnny Depp.  

 I got to go to Jennie's dress fitting!  I adore her dress =)  I couldn't put this up before now cause Gavin didn't want to know what her dress looks like.  Or at least that's my current excuse for not updating since August.  Anyway =)  Her dress is so beautiful!  She was uncomfortable with the strapless concept so we had the seamstress put in a tiny strap.  It matched perfectly!  


 I was invited to the bachelor party!  So was Jennie =)  It was an awesome session of Dnd!  Brian, Gavin's brother Richard, Jennie, Gavin and I were the adventurers, and Eric was the DM.  It was a blast!  The general story was that we had to stop evil people from getting the amulet of a demon prince, so we journeyed back in time to rescue it.  Gavin was a dwarven fighter.  Well, it was a lot more complicated tha n  that but you'll have to ask him to explain =)  What I remember best was his awesome Scottish accent =)  I took a movie it was so hilarious.  I was a druid who shape changed, mostly into tigers or bears, but once into a giant plant.  Turns out that summon unicorn is an extremely useful spell.  Richard was a half giant.  He spent the entire first day riding a broom to get to the top of the mountain.  He was more useful the second day though =)  Brian was a crazy invisible ninja.  Jennie was a broomstick.  Oh, wait, boomstick.  She cast lots of fiery spells.  It was fun!  We finally managed to get the key to the amulet by defeating two iron golems on a pedestal over an endless chasm.  I had to summon giant eagles to catch people when they fell off =)  Finally, Eric almost beat us because the amulet took Gavin over.  We sort of had to kill him to keep him from getting the amulet and becoming evil.  We didn't mean to kill him, but we had him down to negative hit points and then we took off his magic items which made him die.  We brought him back though =)  And destroyed the amulet!  Fun for all! 


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