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Sunday, 05 July 2020
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Sunday, 29 July 2007

Hello Friends and Family,

 We have now been married for five wonderful years.  On our anniversary, Ann asked Chrissie if Eric was easier or harder to live with.  Chrissie replied, “Eric’s always been easy to live with!”  Even though Eric says that this is a cop out, it’s true!  We love living together =)

 It was certainly an eventful year.  It started with a bang!  For our fourth anniversary, we hosted a week long Gathering, which was filled with fun events, like the week of our wedding. It ended with Super Fantastico Saturday, which was a fun, complicated game that we created.  It would take too long to describe here, check out the link, it’s hilarious!  In other exciting news, Andrew and Marilyn got engaged and married, and Brian and Linh also got married.  Eric was in charge of the bachelor parties for both these weddings, so they were the epitome of guy fun.  Video games for Brian, crazy sports for Andrew.  Chrissie got to do the flowers for Andrew and Marilyn’s wedding, which was wonderful fun.  Marilyn picked gorgeous colors, so it turned out beautifully.  Other parties we had include Thanksgiving on a Stick, and the Annual Epic Duels Tournament.  Chrissie planned a fabulous surprise party for Eric’s birthday, with lots of help from all our friends.  Andrew and Marilyn volunteered for the 8 am kidnapping.  After some Epic Duels, Veronica whisked Eric off to the comic book shop.  After some pho, Eric was escorted to Juan’s house where Eddie and Gavin had set up an online game, DOTA!  Next Jack planned a rock climbing expedition.  Meanwhile, everyone else was decorating our apartment like crazy and creating the amazing rice krispie cake, in the shape of a chessboard.  Eric made himself slightly sick playing with this board, as he ate all the pieces he took.  

 As always, we enjoyed taking several vacations to visit all the people we love.  We went to Norman in October to meet baby Nate, who was born on Chrissie’s birthday!  Chrissie visited Tulsa several times, including one very special visit in June to meet the new brood.  We have a new nephew, Carson, and a great-niece, Kiley!  They are adorable, of course.  Eric and Chrissie both went home to Tulsa/Stroud/Norman for Christmas.  In March, we went to Dallas for Brian’s wedding, and also got to visit with a lot of Chrissie’s family that came to Dallas to see us.  In May, we got to go to Poteau for Will and Kela’s wedding reception.  Also, several people came to visit us!  Gavin was the first, for the Fantastico Gathering.  Then Abbey and Brent had a wedding in the area and they stayed with us.  Lydia came two times to visit.  Alex, Chrissie’s nephew, came to check out Stanford and Berkeley. 

 As for how we spend the majority of our time, our interests and hobbies remain much the same.  We still play lots of games.  Our new favorites from this year include the Order of the Stick board game that Gavin gave us, Battlelore, and we have rediscovered our joy in playing Magic the Gathering.  We spend lots of time playing that one!  We still enjoy playing bridge weekly with Eric’s parents, and we continue to adventure in Eric’s dnd world on a monthly basis.  We also play some computer games, including an adventure rpg, Morrowind, and we play Epic Duels Online.  We retain our title of Epic Duels champions of the world, with another clean sweep in a new 2 on 2 format.  Several of the games were close, we barely survived.  It was very exciting, but maybe you had to be there =)  Eric spends a lot of time these days playing DOTA, he played shadowfist and Command and Conquer in the fall (now known as preDOTA), and guild wars.  He also won his fantasy football league!  We both got addicted to a very silly online game, kingdom of loathing.  

 We also enjoy many sports, especially Eric.  He plays ultimate Frisbee, softball, badminton and tennis.  Actually, Chrissie plays tennis and softball too.  

Chrissie spent a lot of time with her various artsy projects.  She created three quilts this year, one for Brendan, one for Mimi, and with Eric, one for Brian and Linh.  She also took a painting class with Veronica, which was awesome!  She still scrapbooks frequently, and is starting to scrapbook all of Eric’s old pictures, which is a challenge!  She also made a Where the Wild Things Are costume for Little Casey, and a racecar comforter.  Additionally, she continues to play with her life size Barbie doll Eric.  His hair is still growing nicely, and now is long enough to pull into a pony tail.  Who knows how long it will grow!

 We also spend a lot of time reading.  This year we started a book club!  For the book club, we read Wicked, the Wizard of Earthsea, and the Time Traveler’s Wife.  If you know any great books we should read and discuss, e-mail them to us!  Additionally Eric enjoyed Calculating God, and several online comics.  Chrissie read many great books, but right now all she can think about is Harry Potter.  Our graphic novel obsessions include Fables, which tells about all the characters we think of as mythical, including Snow White, the Big Bad Wolf, Cinderella, and all the other classic fairy tale charaters, living in exile in New York (Thanks Ken).  Also, the amazing Joss Whedon is writing Season 8 of Buffy!  Yay!  The comic book is awesome.  =)

 In television news, Chrissie has joined Netflix.  This means she watches at least two movies a week, sometimes more.  We just saw Hairspray in theaters, and that was awesome, as were Dreamgirls and Holiday.  (Eric particularly recommends Dreamgirls, he says that is actually a good movie, not just a happy Chrissie movie =)  We still don’t watch many television shows, but Chrissie watched the last season of Gilmore Girls (sob), Heroes (freaky but awesome) and So You Think You Can Dance!  We also watched the dvd of Scrubs, which is hilarious. 

 As for our jobs, they continue to be wonderful.  Eric has gotten to travel more with his job, and as his company has grown to thirty people, he has much more responsibility.  Chrissie still loves working with Flower Divas, and is now consulting with brides on her own, and absolutely loves it!  She gets to design entire weddings now, which was always what she wanted to do!   

 That’s all our news for the year.  We hope you enjoy our update, and clicking on all the links to see what we’ve been up to =)  We love you all!

Chrissie and Eric   


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