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Friday, 18 August 2006
We spent Thursday in San Francisco!  All day, we left at 9:30 and didn't get back till eleven.  We went to the Exploratorium first, although because of a little trouble with signs one group crossed over the Golden Gate.  The Exploratorium was full of fascinating information.  I asked everybody what they learned, which threw them off a bit because they weren't expecting homework.  In the morning, I learned that dolphins blow bubble rings for fun.  And that sand in different colors, with different angles fall at different rates.  This means that if it's in an hourglass, cool stripes will emerge as the sand falls.  =)  I played with that a lot.  Gavin learned that IR (infrared) reflects in copper.  They had this cool infrared camera set up where you could see where you were warm and cold.  Austin's hands were nearly black they were so cold.  And you could touch cold metal, and give yourself little infrared tattoos.  Behind you there were mirrors and copper pieces, and in the infrared only the copper reflected.  Eric wanted to say that was what he learned too but G had already claimed it.  So he learned that ice crystals make really pretty pattern when they were freezing =)  When I first saw the exhibit that said you can watch ice freeze I thought it might be like watching grass grow, but it was really cool =)  Austin learned that he had fast reflexes =)  We all competed against each other and he was the fastest.  Ann went straight to the biology exhibit.  She learned that you can see a chicken's heart beat five days after conception.  Jack learned that heat is like light, and travels similarly.  Oh, and there was also this cool water mirror.  If you put your hand under the water and look at it in a mirror, it looks like your hand is in the air.  And if you trap an air bubble in your hand, in the mirror it looks like a water bubble.  G thought it looked like quicksilver.  It was very neat!

That was a lot to learn in the morning!  So we went and ate a picnic near the Lagoon at the palace of fine arts, right outside.  Marilyn and Patricia joined us.  They had been looking at bridal shops.  The picnic was delicious =)  Then some of us decided we wanted to go back into the Exploratorium.  Ann and Marilyn went to the de Young museum at Golden Gate park.  It was funny, in the afternoon, everyone kept running up to me and saying, "I learned this..." so that they could claim it first.  Eric learned about the Bernoulli effect, which was extremely cool but too complicated for me to explain without the little exhibit so he'll have to tell you himself later.  The strangest thing we did was play with the cheshire cat exhibit.  You put a mirror up so one eye was looking at your friend, and the other eye watches your hand wave.  It makes your friend's face disappear!  You just see their smile, or their eyes.  It's because motion is more important to see than something sitting still, safety-wise.  It was very strange.  Austin learned about torturing fish.  Well, actually it was about how we watch motion in comparison with a fish.  You know how you can stare at a ceiling fan, and your eye will track one blade, and then switch to another?  Well, fishes eyes can't move like ours.  So to watch stripes moving around on their wall, they will swim in circles.  Don't worry, the fish get to rest in a much larger bowl and only have to swim in circles once in a while. 

After the Exploratorium, we headed over to Golden Gate park.  We couldn't find the frisbee golf, so we played croquet, which was so much fun!  The course was crazy because the grass and debris was thick.  Austin turned out to be a ringer.  He was through all the wickets very early and came back to help Gavin and me.  Gavin hit a beautiful shot that went up a hill and then rolled sideways to land right beside me!  Patricia was learning to play, so she tried about eighteen different ways of hitting the croquet ball before she settled on one.  She also came up with the ingenius method of sitting on the grass in front of a wicket to flatten it for Jack =)  Jack was very funny, he'd jump up and down if he missed a ball like a frog =)  He also was very excited to get to send balls flying, although it took three tries before he got that technique down.  He did send Austin to "la la" land.  That made G wince because everyone started humming the unfinished lullaby from Brooklyn the Musical.  La la la la, la la, laaaa la la la.  =)  so if you want to drive Gavin nuts, hum away!  Gavin had a good croquet game, especially because it seems his green ball was camouflaged.  He was missed many many times!  Once, Eric hit it right at him, and it ricoched off a walnut.  Crazy course =) 

After croquet, we went to a good dinner at the Beach Chalet.  While we were waiting, I finally got to fly a kite!  Eric and I went down to the beach for a bit!  I used all the string!  It flew beautifully.  I'm going to get a kite for myself someday, it's wonderful fun! 

That's all for Thursday, I've gotta go now cause I'm late for badminton!  Yay!

Eric learning Austin has faster reflexes than him at this game
Eric's favorite things were this and a spinny chain that danced in the air when you played with it like a lariat
Super Eric!

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